Creator / Designer

From a galaxy far far away, but currently based in Melbourne

Spacey Sells Accessories And Print Matter 

Available For Custom Print Commissions And Freelance Work.

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Available for Freelance Work - Specialising in Music Merchandise but open to all challenges! Email me for more details.
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Original illustrations - Available in cards or prints - Custom illustration commissions welcome! Just contact me <3

I'm Spacey Spice,

aka Ellen McCarthy. I'm a creator / designer who is constantly thinking and creating. I am obsessed with all things sci-fi, intergalactic, Spice Girls, creative, feminist, sustainable, fun and glittery! I have always been a creator, and was serendipitously accepted into the Design Faculty at Monash, after spending school and first year uni, blissfully unaware that I was a born Designer / Communicator. After graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Communications in 2015, I've become confident enough in my work to start this website, sell my wares and display my folio!

All my products are produced as sustainably as possible. Being environmentally friendly, as well as morally conscience & intersectional, is extremely important to me, and is at the heart of my creative practise and every day life. I strive to recycle / up-cycle as often as I am able - resulting in a changing array of products on my store. 

I would like to think my pieces will bring a ray of glitter into your life! I am always up for sharing information and collaborating on ideas, so get in touch if you want to have a chat <3