This EP Design was the first release from Melbourne band Cable Ties, and consisted of creating a logo for the band and applying it to a design based on an original artwork by Paul Pirie. Cable Ties are a progressive rock band, stretching the 3 min punk classic to breaking point with screeching solos, and scoring vocals, lovingly held together by a thumping rhythm section. I wanted this identity to be rough but solid and unapologetic, just like the band themselves. Working on this project was like a dream, with styles and ideas aligning seamlessly. 

The Identity includes: Cable Ties Logo, 7" EP Cover with Vinyl Sticker and Info Insert, Event Poster, Band T-Shirt, Business Card, Sticker, and Press Release.

The EP Cover, Poster, Insert, Business Card and Stickers were all Risograph Printed by the wonderful Ashley at Helio Press. This added a fantastic fluorescent element to the designs that made the physical copies really POP. Limited to 150 copies the EP sold out in under a month.