Germinate is a fictional TV show, with it's own interactive website and print media campaign. The program aims to inspire the public to adopt more sustainable attitudes, through creating a support network and an awareness campaign. Germinate was designed to be friendly, easily accessible and in no way overwhelming. It encourages the public to take a pledge online, with the rest of the website's community, to take small steps towards sustainability, that are sustainable themselves. For example, users would not try to stop using their car all together, as this is unrealistic. But rather stick to smaller changes, like just switching their energy provider, or start shopping at the independent grocer. The website also contains an online forum where users can share tips, tricks and encouragement. 

Enviromation info-graph Posters such as the one below would be positioned publicly, so passers by have a chance to read the poster in full. The TV show would air in prime time and feature experts discussing the small ways people can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. The show would then promote usage of the website, with a view for this to spur further conversation with friends and collages. If everyone was involved in taking ‘baby steps’ towards sustainability, collectively we would drastically reduce our environmental impact. This project started in response to a uni brief and was continued beyond.