LS Focus Counselling is a mental health counselling and social work private practise, run by Liggia Sciberra. This website was commissioned as she was expanding her practise and wanting to engage new clients. The site needed to be professional and accessible but also inviting, approachable and non-confronting. LS Focus Counselling is a very personal, ***customisable service, and as such, the site should reflect some of Liggia's personality.

While simple, the site is clear and easily navigable. We wanted there to be nothing overwhelming or controversial about the site, so people with mental health problems would feel safe and secure in seeking help. Liggia is able to edit minor details on the site herself (very useful for a growing business) and her clients can contact her directly through the page. Business cards with updated details and branding were also produced. Please note the LS Focus Counselling logo was not designed by me, but commissioned before I was brought on to the project.