Miss Ladybird Cakes is a boutique cake shop in McKinnon, Melbourne specialising in rustic wedding cakes. I was commissioned to take the existing branding for Miss Ladybird Cakes and apply it across a range of different menus. Each menu contains specific information depending on the occasion, and is emailed to clients upon enquiry. An in-store and take away version of the menu was also required, as well as display tags, and printed labels for taster boxes, or pick-up cakes.

I was also producing digital illustrations of cake designs for clients. These illustrations were traced from photos then digitised. This allowed me to build a template so nearly any cake design could be re-created in the illustration, with only a few adjustments to the template. These illustrations were not meant to be photo perfect, but rather to give a strong indication of the style and scale of the intended cake. See some of these illustrations below.





In Store Guide (Selected Pages)


In Store Printed Media (Given out upon clients picking up cakes or Taster Boxes.)


Digital Cake Design Illustrations: