Another EP for Cable Ties, this time a Split 7" Single with good mates Wet Lips. This project consisted of creating a logo for Wet Lips, which was hand drawn to invoke 70's surf rock, with a new take. The EP itself had to work when viewed from either side, as well as working as a cohesive whole. I wanted to use the idea of an event horizon to tie the two bands, and singles together - Like two sides of the same surface. 

We ended up with these swirling pattens, mirrored and intercepting. Creating an abstract, physic rock vibe, that suits both Wet Lips and Cable Ties. The marbled curves needed to be able to look consistently good with risograph and digital print formats, as well as web viewing. The colours have varied but the effect is equally captivating across all mediums. 

The EP Cover and Insert, along with some Posters for exclusive sale at the event, were all Risograph Printed by the wonderful Ashley at Helio Press. I was also really lucky to be given free reign over designing a new Wet Lips T-Shirt, to coincide with the single launch. We decided on this wonderfully Roxy circa '95 style for the T-shirts, to match the tongue in cheek attitude of Wet Lip's Rock. It's easily become one of my favourite items I have produced to date.

WL.CT5 copy.jpg
WL.CT4 copy.jpg